Consultation and Training

I provide consultation and training for clinicians, service providers, schools and organizations to enhance their competency in early childhood mental health, infant-parent mental health, and school based mental health approaches.

Consultation sessions and trainings are available in person and via phone or video conferencing throughout the United States and other countries.

Through extensive training as a UC, Davis Napa Infant-Parent Mental Health Fellow, I specialize in working with young children and their families (as well as support systems- preschool, pediatricians, OT’s, SLP’s, etc..) in identifying developmentally appropriate interventions.  I frequently consult with other clinicians, physicians, service providers and other professionals in how to enhance their competency in serving these children and their families.

I can help you:

  • Improve your understanding of the mental health needs of infants and their families
  • Access the right resources for those you serve
  • Enhance clinical skills to expand your provision of services
  • Improve classroom management skills that take a child’s developmental and social-emotional needs into account to increase classroom functioning
  • And much more…