Early Childhood Mental Health (Birth to 5)

Is your child having difficulties with feedings, toileting, or tantrums? Has your pediatrician expressed concerns that your child has not reached development milestones? Are they at risk of losing their placement in childcare or preschool setting due to their behavior?

Claudia has specialized training as an Infant-Parent Mental Health Fellow and can support your child's developmental progress.

Child Therapy

Is your child having difficulty at home or school due to behavioral outbursts, changes in mood or difficulty getting along with others?

Claudia has experience working with children ages 5 to 13 utilizing evidenced base practices such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Play Therapy.

Parenting is one of the hardest and most rewarding jobs that you will have. With parent coaching, Claudia will partner with you to identifying positive discipline and parenting techniques to support your child's individual needs.

Perinatal Mental Health

The birth of a child brings many changes to new parents.  Many women and men experience some mild mood changes during pregnancy or after the birth of a child.  1 in 7  women experience more significant symptoms of depression or anxiety. Several events, such as lack of sleep, hormonal shifts, changes or weaning your baby, can significantly impact your confidence as a new parent.

These conditions are treatable and you are not to blame. You deserve to feel better and get treatment for these symptoms.

Claudia provides adult and maternal mental health services through Well-Mamas Counseling. To schedule an appointment for these services, please do so here.